Wheeheehee! *spend*

Yup. That would pretty much define this weekend right there.

Why’d I spend so much this weekend? There were three factors:

1) Birthdays – I wound up going to two different birthday dinners. The first one I did very well, and stayed well within budget. The second one, I picked up the check. Which was the least I owed my Best Friend in the Whole Wide World since I sorta forgot to buy him a Christmas present, too. So, all told, I spent $52 on food and drinkies. Um. Whoops.

2) W2rk Lunches – I meant to cook up something yummy on Friday night to eat at w2rk this weekend, but I stayed later than I meant to at the birthday dinner and ran out of time. So I partook of the Meal Deal at w2rk on Saturday and Sunday. $6, yeah, I know, but I’m now out of money to eat at w2rk for the rest of the month.

3) Cranky – Oh my goodness, you did NOT want to be around me last night. Customers decided yesterday was “Hit Mary Sue on the Head With Very Heavy Objects That She Asked You Three Times Not To Move But You Went And Moved Them Anyway While She Was Under Them” Day. That didn’t cost me anything, but it sure as shootin’ didn’t make me happier when I looked in my wallet and figured out I’ve got $14 for the week, and I have to buy bus tickets, too.

My head still hurts, by the way.

My plan for this week, so I don’t have a repeat of this week’s financial meltdown:

1) COOK! – I don’t work a single evening this week (Praise the Deity of your Choice!) and I have a whole new batch of containers just begging to be filled with yummy, yummy, beans-and-starch combinations.

2) CLEAN! – My house is a mess. And that did nothing to help my crankypantsness when I got home last night and had to dig out a receipt to turn in for reimbursement at work. I found it in my BOOT, for chrissake. I haven’t worn my boots in four months, which means they’ve been sitting there under the catch-all since October. Cleaning up my room will make me a little less disorganized and a wee bit happier.

3) WATCH TEEVEE! – I’m surviving on a steady diet of BBCA right now because they’re pretty much the only channel that isn’t scabalicious due to the Writer’s Guild of America strike*. And my greatest joy is that it’s 13 days until new Doctor Who and Torchwood in the US! Just enough time for me to run a marathon. While I clean. Oh, Cap’n Jack. You make everything better! (And yes, I’ve seen the clip. Multiple times. Duh.)

*Yes, reality shows have writers. No, they’re not covered by the WGA and are therefore not given things such as overtime and health insurance. Yes, that’s really messed up. Yes, watching reality shows and late night talk shows other than Letterman and Ferguson during the WGA strike is hurting the cause. Momma didn’t raise no strikebuster!


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