/me is a big dork.

It’s payday. YAY! And I’ve been fighting the creepy, crawly ooze all week. Ew. Yuck. Gross. No.

Hanyoldway, being the last payday of the month, I opened up Google Docs and clicked on my Fancy Schmancy Budget file to set in the numbers for February. And when I did, I saw the big, pink note I’d left myself. Because I hate pink, I’d figured putting a pink note there would remind me.

The big pink note said, “Savings Moved 1/11.”

Translation: The money destined for my Cushion /Travel /Car Insurance /Freedom accounts in February I’d transferred to the respective accounts on January 11th.

Which is why my numbers were coming up about $250 short in my main Savings account.

So instead of being almost -260 in the hole for the month of January, I’m on track to be at +96. Which is a good thing, as March’s money is going to reflect

a) a shortened month,

b) five days off of w1rk and w2rk due to federal holidays, jury duty, and a meeting planned at church THREE MONTHS AGO that they decided to switch dates on this week, even though I’d gone to great lengths to get that weekend off, and

c) $125.11 pre-tax deduction at w1rk to pay for my bus pass. In its entirety, valid for the next 7 months, netting me a savings for those 7 months of $504, but it’s still owchies. Mind you, the last three-four months I’d gotten a net savings of $10.50 a month through w2rk. I think this is the better deal, nu?


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