The first of the month is designated in the Fangirl Household as Payday. Yes, sure thing, I get paid biweekly, but that money goes into a savings account and waits patiently to be let loose on the first.

It’s so weird not living paycheck to paycheck. Weird in an absolutely fantastic way!

This morning, I moved my money from my savings to my checking, and began the Dance of the Dollars. It’s similar to the Dance of Capitalist Superiority, except digital. All my bills get paid (no autopay for this girl), I send my landlord an electronic check, I pay myself into various sub-accounts, and I give myself my weekly allowance.

Today? The total balance of my various savings and cushion accounts equaled one month take-home pay.

Since I’m so spanking-new to financial awareness, and also very, very experienced in the Life of a Temporary Employee, I know better than to call my cushion accounts an ’emergency fund’. Sure, one day they’ll be my emergency money. But if I (heaven forbid) got laid off today and didn’t get another gig for a while, those earmarks go out the window and all cashy money is put into one pool: Survival.

Three months ago, that pool would have consisted of the change under the couch, and might spot me one cup of coffee. Today, after three short months of fiscal awareness, I’d be ok for one whole month.



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  1. February 4, 2008 at 6:04 am

    Congratulations! 😀

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