The Fangirl Fitness Program

  1. Go to Goodwill. See a rack of tennis raquets. Think to self, “Self, there’s a lighted tennis court and ball wall five blocks from your house.” Purchase one for $6.99.
  2. Go to Sports Authority. Purchase can of three tennis balls for $1.99. See same model tennis raquet on sale, brand new, for $185.
  3. Wait for a non-damp day. This being Oregon, it takes a couplea days.
  4. Walk to tennis courts. Smash ball with raquet repeatedly into wall. Giggle hysterically at yourself ’cause you haven’t played tennis in pretty much a decade.
  5. Sometimes, smack ball over wall and have to walk all… the… way… over… there…
  6. Look up, realise that the lights have come on and it’s kinda dark out. 
  7. Walk home.

Repeat as needed.


The Experiment

What happens when I put as much time and energy into keeping track of my finances as I do in keeping track of my fandoms? Let's find out!

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