Yee Haw! Ride ’em, Cowgirl!

*pulls on reins of the debit card* Woah! Woah! Heel, spending, heel!

I’ve gone out for meals every day for the last five days. AND I purchased a new teeny tiny baby laptop mobile internet device.

The baby laptop was planned for (and by going with a bare-bones tiny machine, I actually am way under budget. Seriously, my laptop at home is being held together by duct tape and needs to be propped against a wall to work). The eating out? Not so much.

But I’m doing okay. I’m not going to guilt myself about it. I was working hard this weekend and didn’t have energy to cook. Today is a new day.

Well, actually, since I went out to lunch, Tomorrow will be a new day.  Yes, tomorrow. *nods*


The Experiment

What happens when I put as much time and energy into keeping track of my finances as I do in keeping track of my fandoms? Let's find out!

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