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What the Hell? 401(k) Edition

I just got an email from w1rk (which is now my sole source of jobby income) that they will begin depositing 12% of my cheque into a 401(k) in May.

I’m a temp, okay? I don’t get healthcare (and let’s not talk about the fact I w1rk for a HOSPITAL and don’t get HEALTHCARE) and I also apparently don’t get a choice in how much of my cash they will take away from me into a 401(k).

More research must be done on this, however I also, you know, need to do some W1RK today.

Heh. I need to learn to read for comprehension, they’re giving me 12% of my gross earnings for FREE in a retirement account. I’m not even ALLOWED to add more money to it. Guess I’ll need to roll over my w2rk 401(k) to an IRA or something. Gyah. I don’t want to think about this right now.


Huh. Never thought of it that way.

Michael at Beyond Paycheck to Paycheck has this excellent article called “Your Problem Is Not Starbucks”.

Which, you know, considering my caffeine habit (COFFEECOFFEECOFFEEYAY!) piqued my interest.

But the most important thing I read in that article was:

Personal finance isn’t that hard. Your day job is much more complicated. But you were taught how to do your day job. Managing money only takes a little effort, some patience, and an occasional bit of willpower.

That’s deep, man.


Doing Something Different

 I bought some tights the other day from Freddie’s. Thinking that the wee sizing chart on the back was actually, you know, ACCURATE and CONFORMING TO REALITY.

 I got the tights home, pulled them out of the package, realised that they decided a 5’4″ woman over 250 lbs was the exact same as a 6’1″ woman over 200 lbs, held the waistband of the tights over my head and kicked at the toes that were, right hand to God, dragging on the floor, and decided these weren’t going to work.

So, here’s  where I did something different: Instead of keeping the tights forever just because, you know, I bought them, I returned the tights to the store for a refund.

I am so proud of myself I could just spit.


Saving Roll vs. Finances

Okay, so Jim calls it ‘Impulse Saving’, but the geeks know what it REALLY is.

Get a yourself a six-sided die (or more sides if you prefer) and roll it. Take that number, multiple it by ten, and put it in a savings account or pay down a debt. Do it every single time you get a paycheck and learn to live without the money in your budget.

Damn right. Saving Roll vs. Finances, baby! And who has more dice than a geek?


April Budget Challenge

Krystal of Give Me Back My Five Bucks is running an April Budget Challenge wherein you swear on a stack of comic books (well, if you’re me and the comic books are on top of your Bible) to stay within budget on ONE line of your budget.

Mine is eating out. Which I enjoy. A LOT. I solemnly swear I will only spend $80 on eating out next month.

Matter of fact, I’m going to go pull that cash out of my Allowance account right now and put it in wee envelopes and do the dance of Capitalist Superiority hide it away.


Celebrating Discardia

‘Cause Discardia sounds a lot cooler than “Spring Cleaning”.

Hanyoldway, was reading about this on a blog or seven out there, and I came across something at


Confound it!

I’ve been opening new 6 month CDs on INGDirect every pay period and using that as my Emergency Fund. The one I opened back in November, when I started this plan, is at 4.8%.When I  heard about the last interest rate cut, I bounced over to my account and opened one for the next pay period at the old interest rate  (3.5%).

Well, I just heard about the NEW interest rate cut and quickly ran over to INGDirect.

Interest rates on 6 month CDs are now 2.75%.

They haven’t made the adjustment to savings account interest rates yet, but expect that any moment now.

*grumble grumble should pull it all out now and take the interest penalty spanking and put it in the one near my house that’s 4.0%*

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