Pause for Station Identification

Just to let you folks know, I’ve turned in my notice at w2rk and will be back to one-job-one-income as of March 30th.

My joy? Knows NO BOUNDS!

However, I was also informed at w1rk that despite the fact they called me and asked me personally to come back as a temp to do a gig I’ve done before (as a temp) for over a year, and the fact that I now have 19 months over 2 years of experience in the position, they’re not hiring me permanently. They went with someone else.

Yeah. That’s about what I said.

To top that off, next week is the holiest week in my religious tradition (‘holiest’, in this case, translates to ‘busiest’). So I’m going to take some time off from most-all my blogs, including this one.

When I come back, I hope to have a new plan, a new path, and a whole new attitude.

I might even *gasp* get a new haircut. THINGS ARE CHANGING AROUND HERE! WHEEEE!


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  1. March 17, 2008 at 6:36 pm

    Post pictures of the new hair cut!

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