Saving Roll vs. Finances

Okay, so Jim calls it ‘Impulse Saving’, but the geeks know what it REALLY is.

Get a yourself a six-sided die (or more sides if you prefer) and roll it. Take that number, multiple it by ten, and put it in a savings account or pay down a debt. Do it every single time you get a paycheck and learn to live without the money in your budget.

Damn right. Saving Roll vs. Finances, baby! And who has more dice than a geek?


1 Response to “Saving Roll vs. Finances”

  1. 1 rethoryke
    December 14, 2008 at 11:15 pm

    Hee hee…. if only more people did this. My strategy, developed in graduate school, was to simply believe I didn’t have much money, and only get essential things — food, rent, transportation, interview clothes when necessary. But the dice rolls make it more of an adventure.

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