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Partying Like a Fangirl

This weekend was chock-full of Fangirl Fun. The kind where I have three different inkstamps on my hand (what the hell is up with the ink pads at McMenamins? Seriously, I showered twice and washed my hands dozens of times, and there’s still a rubber ducky there!)

Friday night was the Jonathan Coulton show. Mind you, the last time I went to a concert was in 2002 and it was Neil Diamond. JoCo closed with Sweet Caroline, so it was kind of similar. AND his first song was about IKEA.

Why the delay between concerts? Because I don’t like spending 27.50 (plus 4.15 for a pint) for a few hours unless I know I’m going to be entertained. And JoCo did that. I mean, when you introduce songs like, “This is a song about a giant squid that hates itself”, you’re kind of in for humor. Paul and Storm, who I had never heard of before, also brought the entertainment. HOWEVER Paul and Storm gave out a snack cake to people who could produce a d20, and I’d left my bag at home. So no laptop to keep me entertained during the loooong wait for the show to start, no iPod for the same distraction… AND NO DICE!

Saturday I was supposed to head out to Forest Grove to the Ren Faire, but Killer Migrane o’ DOOM decided I had to crawl into the living room (which has better light-blocking curtains than my room) and wear my sunglasses inside. Which meant I missed the Alexander James performance. Which makes me MAD. The migrane went away in the early afternoon, and I ran out to Target to pick up a game for my DS using a gifty card my mother sent me last month. I got stalked by store security, which is a rant for a whole ‘nother blog. HOWEVER! Cute interlude: The young man who sold me my DS game (Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga, bringing me up to owning a total of 3 DS games, THANKS MA!) also went to the JoCo show. And it was his girlfriend who had the d20 in her bag. He’d given it to her 3 years ago as a good luck charm. Everyone say it with me: Awwwwww!

After Target, I went to the Kennedy School and saw National Treasure: Book of Secrets. $3 for the film and $3 for the pint ’cause it was happy hour. Not as good as the first, but it was kind of fun. Although I was playing Super Mario Bros. while I was waiting and had just cussed my way through the tilty mushroom section… if you’ve seen the film, you know what I’m talking about. If you haven’t seen it… MOVING ON!

Sunday! Ah, Sunday. Sunday was the Stumptown Comics Festival. I had a budget of $40 for this shindig, which included the $6 entrance fee, and I managed to stay well within budget using my Super-Sekrit Fangirl Comic Convention Budget Strategy.

My Super-Sekrit Fangirl Comic Convention Budget Strategy is this: Only give money to vendors who treat me as an intelligent consumer, instead of Obviously Someone’s Girlfriend, Because No One With The Boobies Likes The Comics.

I traded shiny rocks for comics from:
+ John Aegard for his Greeter series and some of the Comfort Guides. The Greeter comics are HYSTERICAL. Especially, you know, if you’ve recently been w2rking at a Big Box Store.
+ Paul Guinan for Heartbreakers Meet Boilerplate. This also caused me a bit of Fangirl Brain Freeze, as I was totally jabbering along with the guy behind the table, and then I glanced at his name badge and realised I was jabbering nonsensically to PAUL GUINAN OMG!
+ Nolan C. Kidwell who has no website that I can find was super-awesome to talk to AND his comic comes complete with recipies! YAY!
+ I did not give the Ommatidia folks shiny rocks, but they gave me a free comic that is AWESOME. So I am filled with shame I did not trade shiny rocks for more of their work. I AM SHAMED! But I see that Brendan Adkins is now a resident of the Rose City, ergo at some point I will see him and give him shiny rocks and possibly cookies.
+ Random plug for my folks at Bridge City Comics, who were there but I trade them shiny rocks all the time, not just during the fest.

And that, my lovelies, is how you party like a fiscally sound fangirl. \o/


Radio Silence

Imagine, if you will, working in the materials management department of a big ol’ hospital.

Now, imagine that a widget used on every single patient in the big ol’ hospital goes on national backorder. There is none available, anywhere in the United States or Mexico.

Wasn’t that a fun imagining?

Oh, wait, you mean that’s not an imaginary situation?

Gotta get back to work.


The Face Bank

The fine folks over at Mental Floss ask whether or not the Face Bank, with sensor-eyes that start the mouth moving when they see a coin, is creepy or cute.

I’mna gonna have to go with CREEPY.

You decide for yourself.


When Sonic Screwdriver Funds Attack!

I’ve moved from a monthly-based budgeting system to a paycheck-based budgeting system, since (knock wood and the crick don’t rise) I’ll be on a predictable dollar amount biweekly paycheck system through  July 1.  Worst case scenario is July 10th I’m back on a catch-as-catch-can fluctuating weekly paycheck system.

Which would suck, and suck hard, but I’ve done it before.

One other thing I did was rename my nine different INGDirect savings accounts to include the dollar amount I need to sock in there per paycheck. It should save me a lot of time and math and guesswork, get me back on track for steady savings for specific goals, and be another check on my indiscriminate dipping into the Sonic Screwdriver Fund because I’ll know that my tab on my last comic store spree will take three paychecks to work off.

Yes, comics are budgeted under ‘essentials’, but finishing up my collection of all the Spider Jerusalem TPs? Not.

But it did fill me with great joy and the desire to start jumping on cars.

I did dip into it yesterday, though. Because I logged into the Kingdom of Loathing chat channel /radio and one of the local folks asked, “Are you going to JoCo at the Mission on Friday?”

I stared at the screen and couldn’t figure out what she was talking about. Then it clicked. Jonathan Coulton. Mission Theater and Pub. Friday.

Tickets… $20. Plus Ticketmaster’s blood money.

Then I thought to myself, I thought, “WANNA SEE JOCO! And Sonic Screwdriver Fund is not for sitting and looking pretty. That’s what savings is for. Sonic Screwdriver Fund is to go do shiny things with shiny people!”

Hanyoldways, I has ticket to JoCo on Friday and yooooou (probably) don’t! Neener.




Let’s say you were a temp for a v. v. loooong time at a company (a few years, in fact). Let’s say you’ve been passed over for permanent hire into the position you are covering once before. Let’s imagine, if we shall, that you have not even been granted an interview for the exact position you are ‘temporarily’ covering.

What would you do?

  • Quit?
  • Stick it out to the end of your current assignment and not renew your contract?
  • Stick around as long as you can because maybe one day they will hire you?
  • Something else I haven’t mentioned?

Finally! PF Written In A Language A Fangirl Can Understand

To wit: Seven Donkey Kong Personal Finance Lessons to Live By. From the Lending Club blog.


Of Stimulus Checks

Last year us Oregonians got kicker checks, wherein the state refunded us a portion of our paid taxes. Part of mine went to the iPod sitting here on my desk (replacement, budgeted for), part went into savings, and the rest went to various charities I always wish I could give more money to.

Well, I owe the Feds a whole bunch of money. And I wrote the check. It’s just waiting here on my desk until April 14th, because compound interest is sexy OMG.

Since I have my taxes here on my desk, though, I thought I’d give those economic stimulus calculators the real numbers instead of the ones I kind of guessed at.

Apparently, I owe Uncle Sam $630 and he’s going to give me back $600. But not until June.



The Experiment

What happens when I put as much time and energy into keeping track of my finances as I do in keeping track of my fandoms? Let's find out!

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