Do me a favor, pumpkins

Open your wallets right now and take a look at the back of your debit cards and any credit cards you may use frequently (and pay off right away, right?!)

If it says “Not valid unless signed” and you haven’t signed it, even if you’ve written “See ID”, would you please sign it?

And if the signature is worn off, would you please re-sign it?

And if the signature strip is worn off to the point where you can see the words “Void” (which are under every sig line), would you please call and get a new card?

Because the rules are getting stricter, darlings, and when you’re sitting at a cash register with your purchase declined yelling at the cashier who, mind you, is only following the rules and attempting to hold on to their crap job that they probably desperately need, my spirit will rise up out of my body and fly to where you are and kick you in your behind.


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  1. 1 honeybones
    April 10, 2008 at 3:27 pm

    heh. we were at a store and I had the debit card in my wallet. when I handed it over the clerk said that it wasnt signed so can she see pic id? Im totally cool with that, but my wallet is at home. so husband whips out his id. when the transaction was over I picked up a pen off the counter and signed it right quick. then husband took it from me and pointed out that it was HIS card. mine is in my wallet at home with my pic id. argh.

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