When Sonic Screwdriver Funds Attack!

I’ve moved from a monthly-based budgeting system to a paycheck-based budgeting system, since (knock wood and the crick don’t rise) I’ll be on a predictable dollar amount biweekly paycheck system through  July 1.  Worst case scenario is July 10th I’m back on a catch-as-catch-can fluctuating weekly paycheck system.

Which would suck, and suck hard, but I’ve done it before.

One other thing I did was rename my nine different INGDirect savings accounts to include the dollar amount I need to sock in there per paycheck. It should save me a lot of time and math and guesswork, get me back on track for steady savings for specific goals, and be another check on my indiscriminate dipping into the Sonic Screwdriver Fund because I’ll know that my tab on my last comic store spree will take three paychecks to work off.

Yes, comics are budgeted under ‘essentials’, but finishing up my collection of all the Spider Jerusalem TPs? Not.

But it did fill me with great joy and the desire to start jumping on cars.

I did dip into it yesterday, though. Because I logged into the Kingdom of Loathing chat channel /radio and one of the local folks asked, “Are you going to JoCo at the Mission on Friday?”

I stared at the screen and couldn’t figure out what she was talking about. Then it clicked. Jonathan Coulton. Mission Theater and Pub. Friday.

Tickets… $20. Plus Ticketmaster’s blood money.

Then I thought to myself, I thought, “WANNA SEE JOCO! And Sonic Screwdriver Fund is not for sitting and looking pretty. That’s what savings is for. Sonic Screwdriver Fund is to go do shiny things with shiny people!”

Hanyoldways, I has ticket to JoCo on Friday and yooooou (probably) don’t! Neener.



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