Travel Fund Balance: $0

I took a three-day weekend and ran up to Seattle.

Then ran around Seattle.

Then ran in circles around a statue in Seattle.

It’s a thing I do.

Why was I in Seattle, you are probably asking yourself. Was it to build homes for low-income families? Cure cancer using a toothbrush and estuary water? Start a band and restart the grunge movement?

Um, yeah, hi? No. Emerald City Comic Convention. As the banner over the escalators stated, it is the largest Con in the PNW*. AND I managed to stay within budget. Yay me! Although one of the things that aided in that was 1) the lines for the ATMs were HUGE, 2) I am not paying $20-100 bucks for a scribble, and 3) the limited edition print of Hellboy in Pancakes was gone when I wandered back on Sunday, which saved me $240.

I will do a real roundup later of the folks I gave shiny rocks to (including the awesome conversation I had with Wil Wheaton), but quick shoutouts to The Color M girls and the folks at Desperado Comics.

*Pacific Northwest, to you out of towners.


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