Money Doesn’t Buy Happiness…

..but it sure as shooting can sometimes buy peace of mind.

Ever since last night and Morty’s demise, I have been all sorts of anxious. Yes, hi, I’m Mary Sue, and I’m addicted to my computer.

I worried and fretted and did the math several times over. And this morning, doing the math YET A-FREAKING-GAIN, I realised:

1) I have enough money. This is why God designed the Emergency Fund.
2) This was interfering with my ability to concentrate on my work.

I got on the phone with a local place that does certified Mac refurbs, and I’m picking up my new baby tonight, a 12″ G4 iBook. And a wire to transfer eleven years of writing from Morty to the New Baby.

*A note on naming conventions:

I name stuff. It’s a thing. Computers are always, ALWAYS male. Because computers are a pain in my butt. Morty was actually named after a character in the film “Undercover Blues” starring Kathleen Turner and Dennis Quaid.


The Experiment

What happens when I put as much time and energy into keeping track of my finances as I do in keeping track of my fandoms? Let's find out!

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