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What’s In Your Bank Account?

I read the article at Queercents Do You Balance Your Checkbook? and immediately shot off a twentysomething snark-comment, to wit “…what’s a checkbook?” I then went on to extol the virtues of online banking, and how I check my INGDirect accounts every day, because, as the Fangirl Financial Plan clearly states, Compound Interest is Sexy OMG.

I’m a snarky twentysomething. It’s a thing.

Then, as my brain is wont to do, as soon as I hit ‘post’ on that snarky, self-righteous twentysomething comment, I remembered what happened earlier this week.

I do have a bank account with a brick and mortar place. I keep very little money in there. Matter of fact, I hadn’t checked on that account for three months. So, I got a whim and opened it up.

And noticed a 4.95 charge for the last three months. It was from my old Internet service, which I canceled once I realised I was spending $15 a month for an email address when GMail would give me one for free.

I was incensed. I got on the phone to the ISP and YELLED A LOT. At two different people. They will refund my $14.85.

I’ve been following the Fangirl Financial Plan for six months now. With my biggest short-term goal of eliminating credit card debt completed, and my next goals literally 10-15 years out from completion, I’ve gotten a little sloppy. This incident brings it into sharp focus.

Time to take the next step in my journey.

Um, after you pay off your credit cards but before you pay off crippling student loan debt… what is the next step?

Crap. This is HARD.


Payday! Woo hoo!

As of today, I have:

  • 46.67 in my car fund
  • 203.71 in my travel fund
  • 97.51 in the Sonic Screwdriver fund
  • 53.86 in the clothes fund
  • 696.58 in my Emergency Fund
  • $0 credit card balance

This is pretty confounded momentous, folks, because just six months ago I was at $0 in any of those funds and about $3,000 in credit card debt despite working two jobs and having no fun, ’cause I had no time for fun.

My mother, during our last weekly check-in call, actually was worried that I seemed to be spending so much money. It feels a little like that to me, too, sometimes. I figured out why last night when I was hanging out with some coworkers— in the past, all my spending would be splurged within a day or two of getting a check, given to restaurants and grocery stores and comic stores and little trinkets of uselessness. Then, for the next week or two, I would be living like a college student on beans, rice, and ramen, just waiting for that check to roll in to repeat the cycle.

Now that I have more concious control of my spending, I’ve stopped the boom and bust cycle. I have goals and benchmarks and contingency plans.

This is pretty freakin’ AWESOME, yo.


Brief Money Notes

  1. I bought some clothes on a kinda-whim off an online site yesterday. A pretty pink summer dress and a pretty pink summer work shirt. As I’ve discussed before, I really have to be In A Mood to shop for clothes. The problem is now that I have discovered online boutiques with fairly reasonable prices for fat women (the dress was not on sale and it was $32! You can NEVER find a cute dress for fat women for $32!) I have to stop myself from going to town. Like spending an additional $28.99 on pretty pink platform shoes. I had my debit card out, but I put it away. If I still need pretty pink shoes next week, well, I’ll think about it. *pats self on the back*
  2. The money for my pretty pink clothes came from my Sonic Screwdriver fund and made me realize I need to set up a budget for clothes. I spend about $250 a year on clothes, which equals about one pair of jeans, one pair of pants, three work tops and a pair of shoes. My geek t-shirt collection comes either from discount bins at cons or Sonic Screwdriver monies.
  3. I went to the dentist for the first time in five years. Because my dental insurance runs out in two weeks. But here’s some things I learn:
    1. A regular, no-frills, no x-rays cleaning costs $68. In the last six months I paid $100 into my dental insurance.
    2.  I still have remnants of sealants from when I was like, 12. In my entire life, I’ve had one (1) cavity. Composite fillings and drillings start at $450. Adults can have sealants applied. My dentist charges $32 a tooth for them and they’re warrantied for 5 years. I’m going to have the farthest back 3 teeth done next month and slowly work my way up to all 15 teeth that can take sealants (the one with the filling doesn’t need it).
    3. I have beautiful teeth and even as I’ve grown older the thousands of dollars my folks spent on Orthodontia have been well worth it.
  4. I’m going to be paying my car insurance and purchasing a plane ticket to the family reunion tonight. OUT OF MY SAVINGS SET ASIDE FOR THAT PURPOSE OMG I AM SO KEWL!

Point Three: Compound Interest is Sexy OMG

Soooo, I’m not the only one who logs on to her INGDirect account every day just to see how much interest I’ve earned, right?


(HAHAHA! Made $1.40 this month in interest already! If I left the money I just have there right now, I’d make $5.42, but I’m gettin’ PAID this Friday! WOO HOO! Will this be the magic month I break $7 in interest? I’D LIKE TO THINK SO!)

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