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Buying in Bulk: IKEA Jars Review

Disclaimer: I am no longer employed by IKEA as of March 30th. However, as I used my coworker discount to hook me up with some kitchen stuff (as I’m a triple-f threat: Foodie, Frugal, and Fangirl).

Slashfood thinks it’s soooo smart by pointing out most of the damnhippie granola stores will weigh your reusable containers and then let you dump the bulk foods into them. When you get to the cash lane, they’ll subtract the weight of your container and just charge you for the food.

Yeah, hi, I’ve been doing this for a while. When I remember to, uh, you know, take my empty jars to the store. I have been known to remember to wash, dry, and reuse the plastic baggies, though…

HANYOLDWAY, Slashfood recommends the Droppar jars. Pretty? You betcha. Expensive? Hells yes. So much so, I could never justify purchasing them. If you’re going to be keeping your dry goods out on a counter, sure. But I keep most all of mine in the cupboard.

Here’s what my pantry setup contains:

  • Four Burken 37 oz jars at $2.99 each. Three hold beans, one holds zippybags of various sugars I require in my cooking. Actually, now that I think of it, one of the bean jars has two zippybags in it, one of dry chickpeas and one of adzukis. Saves space, and keeps them free of the bugs which seem to think our pantry is their buffet.
  • Eight Rajtan 5 oz spice jars. Five ounces is a helluva lot of spice storage, so I use these mostly for spices I go through quickly, like cinnamon, sea salt, curry powder, and loose tea. They’re cute enough that if they get left out on the counter during a bout of Full Contact Cookery, it doesn’t look tacky as it used to when it was lots of wee baggies of strange powders.
  • The 7X3X12″ IKEA 365+ Plastic jar thingamabobber for brown rice. I like the pour spout, ’cause I cook rice, uh, five-six days a week. Mmm. Rice.
  • They’ve discontinued my flour jar. I love it. However, it’s solid glass, It cost me about 9 bucks even with my discount, weighs 8 lbs without anything in it, and then you add a 5 lb bag of flour, and it’s really freakin’ heavy. And I keep it in a cupboard. One day, I will have my own house and it will live on the counter. Oh, yes.
  • There are still a few things in my cupboard in various Pruta and the other, cheaper set o’ plastic containers, the name of which I cannot recall but I learned early on that the Cheaper Set melts really easily in the microwave so it’s only good for dry storage.
  • Last, but not least, it’s not really storage but I purchased it less than a week ago and it’s revolutionized my cupboard: the Rationell Varieta shelf. I got it home and realised it only leaves about two and a half inches of clearance between the top of the Rationell Varieta shelf and the bottom of my cupboard, but do you know how many teeny tiny half-bags of rice and coffee can fit in that space? I’ve also stuck the little plastic food saver clips I can never ever find up on there, and HEY! I found them when I needed them to close a bag of potato chips.

Now, some of the IKEA jars I did not purchase, most of which are just subjective since I was looking for jars to keep in a cupboard:

  • The silly-shaped Sagolit would have taken up too much space in the cupboard, and the cute little stripeys would have picked up and held onto dirt. Forvar is also shaped funny.
  • The poorly designed Proper, ’cause the lid would fall off with a gentle nudge.
  • Slom. If I had some liquids to store, I might think about purchasing these. Or if I suddenly get into jam-making or salt preserving. But those wee bits of wire? They will rust and/or break over time. Thanks, no.
  • IKEA 365+ Spice Jars always wound up in As-Is for some reason. I never looked that closely, but I’m betting the plastic tab on the ‘shaker’ portion broke off. I hate shaker tabs, anyway.

And maybe if you’re nice to me, I’ll take pictures when I get home.


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