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What the Hell? 401(k) Edition

I just got an email from w1rk (which is now my sole source of jobby income) that they will begin depositing 12% of my cheque into a 401(k) in May.

I’m a temp, okay? I don’t get healthcare (and let’s not talk about the fact I w1rk for a HOSPITAL and don’t get HEALTHCARE) and I also apparently don’t get a choice in how much of my cash they will take away from me into a 401(k).

More research must be done on this, however I also, you know, need to do some W1RK today.

Heh. I need to learn to read for comprehension, they’re giving me 12% of my gross earnings for FREE in a retirement account. I’m not even ALLOWED to add more money to it. Guess I’ll need to roll over my w2rk 401(k) to an IRA or something. Gyah. I don’t want to think about this right now.


Confound it!

I’ve been opening new 6 month CDs on INGDirect every pay period and using that as my Emergency Fund. The one I opened back in November, when I started this plan, is at 4.8%.When I  heard about the last interest rate cut, I bounced over to my account and opened one for the next pay period at the old interest rate  (3.5%).

Well, I just heard about the NEW interest rate cut and quickly ran over to INGDirect.

Interest rates on 6 month CDs are now 2.75%.

They haven’t made the adjustment to savings account interest rates yet, but expect that any moment now.

*grumble grumble should pull it all out now and take the interest penalty spanking and put it in the one near my house that’s 4.0%*


I can haz 401(k) nao!

Just signed up for my 401(k) through w2rk. I put down for 20% and w2rk will add 4.5% to that, and each month that’ll be about, oh, $150 bucks.

I chose for most-all of my portfolio to consist of bonds, for several reasons:

  1. It’s right smack in the middle of the conservative <–> aggressive arrow chart on the Investing 101 tutorial I read on the plan’s web site. And it was green. Green is pretty.
  2. OMFG I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT THE HELL I’M DOING! Small-, Large-, and Mid-Cap! Blended! Income! What language are you people speaking?! There were FORTY-ELEVEN different choices!  I’m basing my financial future on the pretty color of a chart!!!! *hyperventilates*

Yes. Bonds. Nice, vaugely stable bonds. And I’m going to go over there and do some research now… After all, I can always change my elections.

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