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Finally! PF Written In A Language A Fangirl Can Understand

To wit: Seven Donkey Kong Personal Finance Lessons to Live By. From the Lending Club blog.


Quickie post

Gotta take care of some other things, but read this, it’s interesting and useful.

How to reduce waste in the kitchen


I need $19,975.83 more dollars.

The Lazy Man has posted about budgeting to purchase a tank.

Because you can buy an honesttogod tank through

That is so. awesome. OMG BABY WANT!

Or at least I want a ride in it. I can swing two rides, even, at the prices Lazy Man is thinking for rental with my current Sonic Screwdriver Fund balance.

Dude. A tank. Just… DUDE!


Huh. Never thought of it that way.

Michael at Beyond Paycheck to Paycheck has this excellent article called “Your Problem Is Not Starbucks”.

Which, you know, considering my caffeine habit (COFFEECOFFEECOFFEEYAY!) piqued my interest.

But the most important thing I read in that article was:

Personal finance isn’t that hard. Your day job is much more complicated. But you were taught how to do your day job. Managing money only takes a little effort, some patience, and an occasional bit of willpower.

That’s deep, man.


Oooh, I’m *MAD*!

Over at Queercents, there’s a post about tipping. Here’s the conclusion the person writing it comes to:

That’s a lot of tips. For us consumers it’s a feel-good expense but one that ultimately adds up just like utility bills and car payments. Over the next couple weeks I’ll be taking a hard look at some of the more confusing issues with gratuity and generating some discussion about what is, and isn’t necessary.

So… Why do you tip?

I blasted off a cranky comment after having half-read the post, and cited as the reasons why I tip the ones the author had shot down (basically, because service work sux0rs, because I do have favorite places and the people there really take care of me, and because the tips are often split between the other support staff [bussers, dishwashers] and the waiter).

And also, people who are *smug* about not tipping? Jackasses. What are you going to do with that whole extra dollar you stiffed the *$ employee? Probably spend it on something stupid, that’s what. Maybe that *$ employee is going to night school, maybe that *$ employee is a single parent, maybe that *$ employee is paying down student loans by working a second gig.

I know these things about the waitstaff at my favorite places. Because I am a Nosy Nellie. But it has the secondary effect of making me think of waitstaff as people instead of slaves to cater to my every whim and be glad with the scraps I toss to them.

But I ended my screed with something I thought needed wider attention. I said:

Do you want to know the best way to ’save’ money on gratuities? Don’t eat out as often.

I mean… DUH! Seriously, come on! It’s not like this is brain surgery. No spendy money, money stays safe in the wallet.


See? Told You They Were Evil.

Lynnae at has an interesting story involving zero percent interest rates, defrosting her credit cards, and on time payments that clearly illustrates Point Two of the Fangirl Financial Plan: Credit cards are evil and must be vanquished.

The man who answered the phone seemed nice enough. I sweetly explained that I had made a payment every month, and I didn’t understand why I was hit with a late fee. He explained that I had paid my bill too early in November. I (getting less sweet by the moment) explained that things got messed up when I went to paperless billing, and that I had made November’s payment specifically to avoid a late fee.

The man replied that he would do me a “courtesy” of dropping the late fee. I think my jaw dropped.

He was doing me the courtesy of dropping the late fee, even though my payment wasn’t late? I couldn’t wait to hear his answer to my next question.

Are you going to set my interest rate back to 0%?

His reply: “I’m not sure if that’s possible, ma’am.”

But oh! Pumpkins! It gets even better. Click here for the rest of the drama.

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