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What’s In Your Bank Account?

I read the article at Queercents Do You Balance Your Checkbook? and immediately shot off a twentysomething snark-comment, to wit “…what’s a checkbook?” I then went on to extol the virtues of online banking, and how I check my INGDirect accounts every day, because, as the Fangirl Financial Plan clearly states, Compound Interest is Sexy OMG.

I’m a snarky twentysomething. It’s a thing.

Then, as my brain is wont to do, as soon as I hit ‘post’ on that snarky, self-righteous twentysomething comment, I remembered what happened earlier this week.

I do have a bank account with a brick and mortar place. I keep very little money in there. Matter of fact, I hadn’t checked on that account for three months. So, I got a whim and opened it up.

And noticed a 4.95 charge for the last three months. It was from my old Internet service, which I canceled once I realised I was spending $15 a month for an email address when GMail would give me one for free.

I was incensed. I got on the phone to the ISP and YELLED A LOT. At two different people. They will refund my $14.85.

I’ve been following the Fangirl Financial Plan for six months now. With my biggest short-term goal of eliminating credit card debt completed, and my next goals literally 10-15 years out from completion, I’ve gotten a little sloppy. This incident brings it into sharp focus.

Time to take the next step in my journey.

Um, after you pay off your credit cards but before you pay off crippling student loan debt… what is the next step?

Crap. This is HARD.


Decisions, Decisions

I’ve been building my emergency fund slowly, by opening a new 6 month INGDirect CD every pay period. You can open a CD through ING with any dollar value, and you can have as many as you want. It’s useful for me because I can see right there on each account’s page how much that money will be if I let it sit, and how much I will lose if I pull it out early to, oh, you know, go to KoLCon or something (no, I’m not going to Con, because compound interest is sexy OMG).

I’ve been doing this since November, so they’ve started maturing. When each one matures, I’ve been debating what to do with them. I have them all set to close and dump into my savings account when they mature, because the first ones matured when the rate for CDs was like, 2.55%. Ew, no. The rates went up a little last pay period so I opened a 9 month to fill in a gap I had from before, you know, I got srs bout dis bizness.

When I logged on to check my accounts today, there was a little orange link next to the one maturing July 1. Not the one maturing June 14th, though. đŸ˜›

The little orange link informed me if I roll over the July 1 CD, it is eligible for a ten point bonus in the interest rate. ING had a rate change today, and now the rates run from 3.3% to 4%.

Except the only one for 4% is the 60-month.

So, with my bonus, I’d get 4.10% on a 60-month or 3.4% on a 6- or 9-month. If I go for the 60-month, it’s got a 12-month interest penalty if it’s pulled out in the next five years.

I’m currently getting 4.7% on that CD, by the way. Ah, the good old days, when interest rates were high and before anyone who wasn’t working at Hell’s Cargo Home Mortgage in 2003 realised that 5-year Adjustable Rate Mortgages are stupid stupid stupid… MAN, I HATED THAT JOB!

*ahem* Where was I? Oh, yes! Monies! Monies are good and shiny and we likes them, precious… Fiddling around with a spreadsheet, it’s all just a guessing game.

For the record, along with pickles, spoiled fish sauce, and Sex and the City, I really hate guessing games.


Of Stimulus Checks

Last year us Oregonians got kicker checks, wherein the state refunded us a portion of our paid taxes. Part of mine went to the iPod sitting here on my desk (replacement, budgeted for), part went into savings, and the rest went to various charities I always wish I could give more money to.

Well, I owe the Feds a whole bunch of money. And I wrote the check. It’s just waiting here on my desk until April 14th, because compound interest is sexy OMG.

Since I have my taxes here on my desk, though, I thought I’d give those economic stimulus calculators the real numbers instead of the ones I kind of guessed at.

Apparently, I owe Uncle Sam $630 and he’s going to give me back $600. But not until June.




Point Three: Compound Interest is Sexy OMG

Soooo, I’m not the only one who logs on to her INGDirect account every day just to see how much interest I’ve earned, right?


(HAHAHA! Made $1.40 this month in interest already! If I left the money I just have there right now, I’d make $5.42, but I’m gettin’ PAID this Friday! WOO HOO! Will this be the magic month I break $7 in interest? I’D LIKE TO THINK SO!)

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