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PF in the Singular Form: Bulk Food

This is an article in an occasional series focusing on the unique challenges of personal finance for single people. Yes, I’ve decided it’s going to be a series. Rejoicing may now commence.

If you’re single, buying food in bulk quantities is usually not a good idea.

I’m not talking scooping half a pound of sugar out of the bin at your local cooperative/hippie grocery store. That, actually, is brilliant and if you’re not doing it now, you really should. No, I’m talking about buying 10 pounds of dried potato flakes at Costco.

Face it: unless you eat dried potato flakes at every meal, you are increasing the chance of spoilage and bug infestation by having the big ol’ box sitting on your shelf for months and months. At which point, you would throw out the box of potato flakes, which is also tossing the money you spent on the unused portion.

Having smaller amounts of food on-hand also means increased food rotation in and out of your cupboards. Doesn’t that sound virtuous and frugal? Let me translate: increased food rotation decreases the chance of you standing in front of a cupboard filled with twenty pounds of, let’s say, pinto beans, and deciding that you can’t abide one. more. meal. of. pinto. beans… so you head for your favorite restaurant.

Am I speaking from personal experience? You betcha.

As a rule of thumb, I use the 1-5 Rule. If it is something I eat at least once a week, I will buy one quantity (pound or can or bag) at a time. If I eat it three or more times a week, I will buy five quantity (pound or can or bag) at a time.


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