I realised at some point this weekend I’d never actually defined what it means to fangirl your finances (or fanboy your finances, if you are, you know, a boy, which is a perfectly valid lifestyle choice).

A fangirl is obsessed. A fangirl spends as many waking moments as humanly possible studying her favorite subject. A fangirl can list off the vital stats of their favorite subject in their sleep, and will often get off on a tear about the non-vital stats in social situations, only realising halfway through their speil that no one else really cares about how Joss Whedon began Summer Glau’s action star career when he cast her as a ballerina in an episode of Angel and decided she would (literally) kick ass as River Tam on Firefly and now she’s a Terminator in the Sarah Connor Chronicles…

*ahem* Where was I?

Oh, yes! A fangirl cannot stop reading about her fandom. Whenever she can, she’s online searching out every last detail of what’s going on with her favorite subject. She reads books about it.

And most importantly, a fangirl is never alone. Even for the most esoteric fandom, there are other fangirls and fanboys out there who comprehend the subtle beauty encased in a fandom, and they talk about it. Non-stop. Always. Forever.

So that’s what I mean when I say I’m fangirling my finances.

(By the way, the collective noun of fangirl is squee. A herd of elephants, a murder of crows, a squee of fangirls.)


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The Experiment

What happens when I put as much time and energy into keeping track of my finances as I do in keeping track of my fandoms? Let's find out!

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