Morty is Dead

Morty is my G3 iBook. About a year ago he fell off the bed and his hinge cracked. Since then, he’s been held together with duct tape, and periodically his monitor would either not turn on or would have fun, random colors. Gentle prodding and prodigious cursing would usually kick his monitor back into life.

I am not computer-free, of course. I’m writing this on Moco right now, my 2G Asus EEE. Which, over the last few months I’ve owned him, has shown me that he’s a great little lappy for travel and writing in cafes, but he is not condusive to long-term use, such as writing for six hours straight, or playing Kingdom of Loathing.

I have money. YAY I HAVE MONEY! All hail the glorious budget and savings! But I also have tons and tons of choices. Choices bad, because I have a terminal case of indecision.

1) Buy a brand new iBook. Price with Big Ol’ Hospital discount: $999
2) Buy a used iBook. Price: about $700.
3) Buy a used Mac mini and hook it up to my televison and/or a used monitor: At least $450, plus $50 for the used monitor.
4) Buy a cable to hook Morty up to the TV: $40, and have to buy a new computer within a year since G3 iBooks are going the way of the Yangtze Dolphin.


The Experiment

What happens when I put as much time and energy into keeping track of my finances as I do in keeping track of my fandoms? Let's find out!

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