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Pause for Station Identification

Just to let you folks know, I’ve turned in my notice at w2rk and will be back to one-job-one-income as of March 30th.

My joy? Knows NO BOUNDS!

However, I was also informed at w1rk that despite the fact they called me and asked me personally to come back as a temp to do a gig I’ve done before (as a temp) for over a year, and the fact that I now have 19 months over 2 years of experience in the position, they’re not hiring me permanently. They went with someone else.

Yeah. That’s about what I said.

To top that off, next week is the holiest week in my religious tradition (‘holiest’, in this case, translates to ‘busiest’). So I’m going to take some time off from most-all my blogs, including this one.

When I come back, I hope to have a new plan, a new path, and a whole new attitude.

I might even *gasp* get a new haircut. THINGS ARE CHANGING AROUND HERE! WHEEEE!


Most Redonk Store Coupon Ever!

Had to pop into Walgreens for some odds and ends (and Cadbury Creme Eggs. DON’T JUDGE ME!) I received a coupon with my receipt, stuffed it in my pocket, and it just fell out on the floor as I was reaching for my phone.

The coupon says that if I bring it back and purchase TWO (2) of a certain brand of haircare products, I’ll get ANOTHER coupon for my next purchase of the certain brand of haircare products, and on that third transaction, I’ll save two whole dollars!

Um, yeah, hi, no. I recycled that coupon.

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